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Tubing Kit Fabrication - Houston

TTI offers pre-bent tube and pipe kits for any industrial system. The kits consist of any type of material, tube/pipe schedules, and pressure ratings necessary to meet our customers' needs.


We can fabricate multiple line or custom single line kits with multiple end connections required by our customers. TTI also keeps record of these measurements and end connections should the need arise for any future fabrications and/or service work.


Tube/Pipe Grades:

Stainless Steel - All Grades

Super Duplex - 2507


Carbon Steel

Autoclave - Med/High Pressure

Nickel Alloy




Alloy 625 and 825

End Connections:

- Compression Fittings

- 37º Flare

- Parflange (ORFS)

- 90º Flare

- Weld Connection

- Cone and Thread (High Pressure)

CNC Tube Bending by Machines

Manual by Tubing Technicians

CNC Tube Bending Machine in Houston by TTI Oil Company
Tubing Kits Bending in Houston

CONVENIENCE: For customers' convenience, tubing kits can be bent at our facility or on-site at customers' facility.


FLEXIBILITY: TTI will schedule a tubing technician to take measurements and layouts of all necessary tubing lines or can fabricate based on drawings provided by the customer.


HIGHLY QUALIFIED: TTI's seasoned team has all the necessary experience and equipment to develop any type of tube/pipe line, regardless the level of difficulty.


TTI fabricates tubing kits for international and domestic customers by experienced technicians using hand benders and tools or by our state of the art automatic  CNC tube bending machines. Shipping and handling services include: wooden crates, water proof plastic wrap, and adequate supports to ensure safe delivery during transit.


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