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TTi Oil, together with Transocean, completed the Polar Pioneer, 702, 706 and Grand Banks BOP Stacks

Subsea Controls Company in Houston | Subsea Equipment Integration Service | TTI Oil Took Part in Transocean Polar Pioneer, 702, 706 and Grand Bank BOP Stack.

Together with our customers, TTI Oil has been  able to  conquer the installation of  hose, tubing, and pipe on the Transocean 702, 706, Polar Pioneer, and Grand Banks Stacks. With extensive experience installing, bending, and testing tubing and pipe of many sizes and pressures, TTI Oil can cover most tubing and pipe scenarios.

Houston subsea controls integration by TTI company "Transocean BOP Stack"
TTI Instrumentation service for subsea equipment
Transocean stack

Our capacity  is  not  limited  to  hose, tubing, and piping, we can also integrate and test Instruments for many subsea application. For most applications, our technicians install instruments, bend, weld, and fit pipe, tubing, and hoses for a unique custom fit.


TTI Oil is proud to be a specialized group that has become an integral part of the Controls System industry in Houston.


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