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TTI Oil is an industry for Instrumentation and Controls Integrations

TTI Oil also supplies qualified personnel including:


- Instrument Fitters

- Pipe Benders and Installers

- Tubing Technicians

- Certified Welders

- Electricians/Wireman

- Mechanical Assemblers

Our customers trust TTI Oil for the development of I&E systems for various Subsea and Topside Systems Integrations. NOV trust our great team for Instrumentation and Control Integrations that are built according to the highest subsea and industry specifications and requirements.

- POD (MUX 112 Master Control Panel)

- Acoustic Control Panel

- Test Bench

- Diverters

- HPU's

- Accumulator Units

- Topside Umbilical

- Running Tools

- BOP Stacks (Tubing & Piping)

Our technicians come with extensive BOP Stack experience installing,  bending,  and  testing Tubing/Pipe of many sizes and  pressures. TTI Oil can cover all of your Tubing and/or Pipe scenarios.


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