Tubing instrumentation  Contracting services for the  oil
 & gas industry. Our services include tubing,fabrication and installation of  various  instrumentation  systems. We make sure that you  have  the  qualified  personnel  to  get  your
project  completed  safely,  on time,  and  to  the  highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
Our oilfield  instrumentation  technicians  are  experienced in: Stainless  Steel  Tube,  Autoclave,  2507  ( Duplex )  Flared
Tubing, High Pressure and Low Pressure Tubular Systems.

For your convenience, we have summarized this list of services which can be performed on-site, offshore, or at our Houston facility.
* Wellhead Control Panels                
* HPU / HPU's
* TUTU Panels        
* Topside Umbilical Termination Unit     
* Chemical Injection
* Gas Compressors
* Subsea Controls Tube Systems
* BOP Stacks
* Acoustic Control
* Accumulator Pressure,Tubular Systems
* Well Tree Systems
* Diverters
We can design to required pressure for various subsea equipment, including high pressure tubing up to 30.000 PSI.
Tubing company contractors services - Tubular instrumentation contractors - TTI OIL Tube company services, Houston Tx.
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Tubing installation services of well tree systems, hpu, diverters panels, bop stacks, wellhead control panels, tutu panels, accumulators, chemical injection, houston
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