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TTI Oil Specializes in:

 High Pressure and Medium Pressure Stainless Steel Tubing Applications

 Coning, Threading, Bending, and Installing from 1/4" up to 1-1/2"

We can design to required pressure for various equipment including, but not limited to: subsea, water jet, injection systems, or any other type of equipment.  From 0 to 100,000psi.

The Coning and Threading Machine is designed for preparing a “cone” on the ends of the tubing, as well as left handed threads.

TTI Oil is trained to install high pressure systems using  Cone and Thread technology. Our experience includes various types of units: High Pressure Test Units, Hydraulic Control Panels,  Umbilical Reels, Well Capping Stack and many Subsea Systems.


TTI Oil also has mobile personnel available to travel anywhere in the world.  Our field and office personnel make the perfect team to complete your project successfully.

High Pressure Tubing Manufacturing Services by TTI In Houston


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