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Houston Coiled Tubing & Custom Configurations

Houston tube coiling service

TTI Coils Division, develops and fabricates custom tubing coils utilizing cutting, bending, forming, coiling, and end closure manipulation.  We have capacity to prepare ends with Flare, Cone and Thread, Compression, and/or Weld. The possibilities are endless.  Our large volume purchasing allows us in some cases to cut, form, and deliver your metal coils, in some cases, for less cost than material alone.

When companies need heating and cooling applications using metal coils, TTI is the knowledgeable, affordable, and intelligent solution to fabricate high and low pressure coils.  We can fabricate with a variety of metals inlcluding Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Mild Steel, as well as many other alloys

. Coils with Flared ends

. Coils with Cone and Thread Ends

. Coils with Orbitally Welded Ends

. Coils With Compression Fittings

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