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Houston Electrical Wiring, Integration, Troubleshooting,

Testing, and Diagnosis of Cables and Gland Applications

TTI specializes in the installation and integration of various cable and gland applications. Our technicians have experience installing in hazardous and non-hazardous areas, as well as many industrial applications throughout the world. Our offering provides an installation solution for virtually every cable type used in hazardous and industrial environments including: NEC, CSA, ATEX, IEC, and other regional certifications.

North American Standards

NEMA enclosures built to NEC, CSA, and CEC certifications, both armoured and non-armoured cable glands.  For use in explosion proof and general purpose applications.

International Standards

IEC and ATEX cable glands that are armoured and non-armoured.  For use in flameproof, increased safety, or industrial applications.

Houston Electrical Contractors: Troubleshooting and Installation of any Cables, Conduit and Glands Systems by TTI Company

Cable Glands Unit / Systems in houston

Our experience includes installing many types of Industrial Cable including: Multi-Conductor, Power, Armored, Non-armoured, Control, Instrumentation, and Low/Med/High Voltage Cable.


Our team provides custom cable and gland installation, for all classifications areas. Our team designs and builds layouts and wiring systems of any complexity. Our services include electric motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) installation as well as troubleshooting and customized control applications. Instrumentation and Calibration services performed by seasoned  electricians with decades of experience to ensure your project is on spec, on time, and to the highest safety and quality standards.


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