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TTI Oil was founded in 2009 by Elias Gutierrez, Daniel Villarreal, and Octavio Arrambide – three friends and former co-workers turned business partners who had a vision to create an instrumentation and controls service company that excelled in the implementation of automation projects. TTI was formed because the three owners saw a need for additional support in fabricating, assembling, testing, commissioning, and automating, instrumentation and control projects.


TTI Oil derives its strength from its core employees who are the best in the industry at what they do. The combined experience of our management staff exceeds 100 man-years, all with proven track records in process and manufacturing industries. Our ability to communicate transparently with clients and to be effective in the field is unsurpassed. For additional information about some of our past and current projects see our website, call, or email us anytime.


TTI is headquartered in Houston, Texas but is 100% mobile and can travel execute projects throughout the United States and abroad.


We have developed a satisfied client base in the past 6 years of our existence. Our clients entrust us with extensive repeat business, and the growth of our company has been made possible by ongoing customer referrals. We strive to provide the best services possible for each and every client we service, and we look forward to our future opportunities to serve you.


Key Employees:



Octavio Arrambide

Daniel Villarreal

Elias Gutierrez



          Octavio Arrambide was born and raised in Houston, TX.  Growing up with hardworking parents as role models, Octavio started working full time while studying Economics at the University of St. Thomas in Houston.  As a business leader, Octavio’s experience spans from accounting, finance, trading, logistics, to international business.  Currently, as president and CEO of TTI Oil, Octavio is responsible for the sales and strategy of 100+ employees.  Aside from leading his company with record breaking growth year over year, since 1999, Octavio has been the choir director at various parishes including St. Jude Thaddeus, St. John Neumann, and Resurrection Catholic Church.  Besides his involvement at work and church, Octavio is also an active volunteer, committee member, and team captain at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  When he is not working or volunteering, Octavio is a proud husband and father of three boys and enjoys fishing, hunting, swimming, soccer, and music.

Office: 281-601-4884

Email: octavio@ttioil.com

Vice President of Manufacturing

       Daniel Villarreal was born and raised in Monterrey, NL.  Son of a successful business owners in Monterrey, Daniel started working at a young age.  While working and studying as a young kid in Monterrey, Daniel always had bigger dreams. After arriving in Houston in 1999, Daniel started working various jobs in the oil and gas industry, always striving to learn as much as possible.  As an entrepreneur, Daniel has been at the forefront of TTI by learning the best and newest production and manufacturing strategies and designs.  At TTI Daniel’s experience spans from HR, payroll, production, manufacturing, drafting, design, and testing.  Currently, as vice-president of Manufacturing, Daniel is responsible for the installation, design, building, and testing of numerous control systems for various industries.  Aside from leading TTI with state of the art control system designs, Daniel loves spending time with his family and volunteering in his local community. When he is not working or volunteering, Daniel is a proud husband and father who enjoys the outdoors, travel, and golf.

Office: 281-601-4884

Email: daniel@ttioil.com

Vice President of Operations

        Elias Gutierrez was born in Perth Amboy, NJ and raised in the gulf coast of Mexico and USA.  Growing up with a big family and devoted parents, Eli was a natural leader from a young age.  Eli started working full time and developed his leadership skills while in school.  After starting several businesses, Eli felt a calling in the automation and control industry. Eli’s experience, spans from pneumatic and hydraulic systems, to the design, installation, and integration of various control systems.  Currently, as vice president of Operations at TTI Oil, Eli is responsible for the hiring, placement, and strategy of 100+ employees.  Aside from leading his company with record breaking employee growth year over year, Eli has a passion for music.  He plays many instruments, including, guitar, piano, and accordion.  When he is not working or with his wife and two kids, Eli enjoys music, soccer, travel, and the outdoors.


Office: 281-601-4884

Email: eli@ttioil.com

TTI Oil Was Founded in 2009 by Elias Gutierrez (eli@ttioil.com), Octavio Arrambide (octavio@ttioil.com) and Daniel Villareal (daniel@ttioil.com) in Houston Texas.

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